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Learning Lab: Autism Spectrum Disorder, the Key to Behavioral Management

Recorded On: 05/28/2023

Speaker:  Barney T. Olsen, DDS, MS 
We will discuss the condition of Autism with its signs and symptoms, treatment, and prognosis. We will drill down on those behaviors that affect dentistry and treatment. Behaviors that we will discuss in detail are communication problems, situational anxiety, and heightened senses. We will learn together how to overcome each of these behaviors and mainstream these patients so the vast majority of them can receive dental services in the traditional way and make a smooth and predictable transition to an adult dentist. Master these skills and you have the basics to treat all children. This learning lab will focus on how to treat the patient with Autism from the mild case to the most severe. We will focus on the simple tasks each patient will learn in the dental home and how to desensitize patients with the help of the parents and guardians at home. These skills are the same for all pediatric dental patients.

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Open to view video.
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3 Questions  |  5 attempts  |  2/3 points to pass
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1.00 CE Hour credit  |  Certificate available