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Audio Only- The Instrument Checkup and Dental Unit Waterlines, Biofilm & Water Quality

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The Instrument Checkup: What are the common problems with dental instrumentation, and how can they be prevented? Learn how proper care and handling of dental instruments can save your office time and money and reduce frustration. Through this course, you’ll discover the proactive approach to prevent damage and extend the life of your dental instruments to ensure proper functionality for patient care and practice efficiency. The importance of conducting instrument assessments will be reviewed, and resources to help you extend the life of dental instruments in your practice will be shared. Plan to attend as a team! Or participate individually and schedule office time with the staff to discuss ways to extend the life of your instruments. Dental Unit Waterlines, Biofilm & Water Quality: This seminar will introduce you to the infection control principles and best practices pertaining to dental unit waterlines, in accordance with the CDC guidelines. You will learn how to optimize the quality of water that you deliver to your patients.


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