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Audio Only- Quick Yoga Stretches & Mindfulness Breathing To Manage Stress & Skeleto-Muscular Problems

Recorded On: 05/22/2020

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Explore evidenced based 2-5 minutes simple yoga stretches ,joint rotations,six movements of spine,posture alignment integrated with rhythmic mindfulness breathing to reduce stress,create health & vitality,enhance focus,increase resilience to against burnout, improve posture & reduce or prevent musculo-skeletal problems.

Learning Objectives:

  • Take 2-5 minutes breaks for Yoga stretches integrated with mindfulness rhythmic breathing in busy schedule to enhance energy strength,flexibility ,prevent or reduce dentistry related skeletal-muscular problems & pain.
  • To pause & breath to reduce stress,increase resilience,buffer against burnout & ability to respond skillfully to work related challenges.
  • To enhance focus,concentration ,productivity,compassion,better self-care,patient-care & congeniality in dental -team.

Bhagwati Mistry


Dr.Mistry retired in 2018 after 37 years of successful Pediatric Dentistry private practice in New york. Since 2012 certified as yoga teacher in Kripalu Yoga 500 hrs.,Yoga as Medicine,Yoga for health- care professionals,Yoga for anxiety &depression & Yoga in schools.As an experienced pediatric dentist for 40 years has developed & teaches yoga for dental professionals 


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