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Audio Only- Esthetics – Bleaching and Acid Abrasion

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A child’s smile and the appearance of their teeth are strongly associated with their self- image and feeling of well being. Dental defects that affect the esthetics of the primary and/or permanent dentitions are caused by a variety of environmental and genetic factors. The number of teeth involved can vary and the severity can range from mild to severe depending on the etiology of the discoloration. Pediatric dentists are uniquely positioned to diagnose and manage esthetic dental issues in the primary and early permanent dentitions. Approaches directed at improving dental esthetics can involve a variety of techniques including vital and non-vital bleaching, microabrasion, etch-bleach-seal, resin perfusion, combination therapies, and restorative therapy. This course will review the more common esthetic dental concerns seen in pediatric patients and present the different techniques used in the dental office to manage them.


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