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Recorded On: 05/22/2020

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Diagnostic coding use in dentistry has been talked about for several years. Its regular use remains elusive, but there is a small but growing number of dentists providing this information regularly when submitting claims. 

Medical plans and clinicians have obtained and used diagnostic codes for approximately 20 years. They have helped plans develop guidelines and have become a critical element in research to determine best practices, preferred outcomes, decision support tools and efficient purchasing. 
We will discuss the challenges and opportunities for dental plan use of diagnostic coding. it has the potential for significant impact on the direction, type, and availability of dental care as well as future plan design and payment mechanisms. Development of tools and techniques for obtaining broader use of diagnostic codes for billing medical plans for your patients treatment. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the tips to finding the highest level of diagnostic reasons for billing with a diagnostic code and how to back up that code with a information on why this patient is a medical necessity.
  • The information needed to document medical necessity.
  • Diagnostic codes come in batches. Learning how to find the correct one under the topic is key to payment.

Christine Taxin


Christine Taxin is founder and president of Links 2 Success & Dental Medical Billing that covers all dental and medical billing training. Christine delivers continuing  education seminars for dental and medical professionals and serves as an adjunct professor at the New York University (NYU) Dental School Resident Programs for New York City Programs, Harvard, and other dental schools across the country. 

Christine Taxin has been awarded “Leader in Consulting” for the past eight years in Dentistry Todays List. Christine is on the board of Stem Cell Collection, the board of certification for 3D Scans and Fellowship with the AIDA. The AGD has approved her company Links2Success as a national provider of PACE continuing education credits. Ms. Taxin’s workbooks “Introduction to Medical Billing”,” Introduction to CT Scan Billing” and “Oral Surgery and Implant Surgery” have been received by many as the go to workbook for training. In 2020 she will be able to offer certification tests thru Q'Pro.  The test is administered by the AMA and the courses are from the manuals that are on our web sites.


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