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Audio Only- Branding and Trending for Your Practice!

Recorded On: 05/22/2020

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Are you a Brand of One? What is the advantage of being a recognizable brand in today's fast-paced consumer-centric world? A Brand needs to tell the story of your service, values, and mission all at the same time. This is an introduction to the elements that make great brands.

Learning Objectives:
1. This presentation is intended to provide a clear understanding of branding and its value to our patients, the community, employees and ultimately the practice
The creation of value in a brand is a forward-looking exercise. Building Brand equity allows an owner to generate more revenue, stability, and positive human capital growth from brand recognition.
The participants will be able to ask the correct questions to create an actionable plan and improve their brand and its consistency in the physical and online space.

Oshmi Dutta


As a Pediatric Dentist and business owner, Dr Dutta has experienced the value of branding in his Dental and Non-Dental Businesses. There is a constant evolution in the business environments that have to be addressed by practices as well. Innovation and redefinition of your experience and value proposition are essential in today's marketplace. Adherence to your values and mission with a strong culture confirm success for forward-looking practices. He constantly compares the similarities in consumer-facing businesses. There is a lot to be learned in the steps to success from great brands!


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